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About Sandy

Warriors Gone Wild founder, Sandy Eplett, grew up on the salty beaches of South Florida. 

She became an elite gymnast at a young age, trained for the 1984 Olympic Team and went on to become a competitive gymnastics coach. She had the opportunity to become an Olympic Floor Choreographer, but turned it down to start a life with her, now, husband of 36 years.

After raising 5 children she went back to her love of fitness and wild health and became a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach. She has over 40 years in fitness and competitive sports and has spent the last 15 years working with athletes to unpack their unique roadmap to eating, training and recovering. A few years ago she was introduced to a HiPAA compliant DNA test that became a breakthrough for her clientele. This DNA test takes the guesswork out of an individual's fitness journey. It is the blueprint to their unique makeup and leads the way to individualized health. Implementing this WILD BLUEPRINT™ PROGRAM creates a path to clarity, less injuries, better performance and increased wins making this a win/win for those she works with.

This has led her to being one of the only professionals in her area offering a DNA Customized Fitness and Nutrition Blueprint for Athletes, the WILD BLUEPRINT™.


Sandy and her team offer 1:1 Personal Coaching, Educational Workshops, Functional Health Coaching, a Genetic Athlete Program and more.

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